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Online Questionnaire: Tell your Story!

Dear Participant,

We are pleased that you want to join our campaign to raise awareness of IBD as part of our EU-funded research project, miGut-Health: Personalised blueprint of intestinal health.

We believe IBD is not represented properly in the media, and there might be some public misconceptions. That is why we are launching a campaign where you, the people living with IBD, take centre stage. We invite you to share your experiences and tell us what matters most to you. Our audience includes scientists, researchers, families and friends of people with IBD, and anyone curious to learn more.

In collaboration with our partner patient organisation, EFCCA, we have prepared some questions to spark your insights. If you would like to contribute, please fill in the questionnaire below after carefully reading and agreeing to the privacy policy.

Kindly note that all interviews will be published on the miGut-Health website and our social media channels, LinkedIn and X. You can choose not to share your real name; initials can be used instead. While photos of you help put a face to your story, sharing one is completely optional.

Consent Form l Processing of your personal data within the miGut-Health IBD Community Campaign