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Years before IBD is diagnosed, molecular changes occur in the intestine. This presents an opportunity to prevent IBD before it reaches a critical stage. The miGut-Health project aims to do just that by focusing on the transition from health to disease.

To achieve its goal of creating personalised patient engagement strategies for predicting and monitoring preclinical IBD, miGut-Health is taking the following approach:

  • Identifying actionable biomarkers of gut health that can be used to predict and monitor the transition from health to IBD by combining existing omics and phenotypic datasets with machine learning methods
  • Developing early disease prediction markers to differentiate between individuals at low and high risk for IBD
  • Providing health engagement strategies, including digital tools and eHealth apps, to empower individuals to improve their personal health management and self-care
  • Developing intervention measures, such as dietary changes, to manage, prevent, and even reverse the progression of IBD

This approach aims to help not only those already diagnosed with IBD but also those at high risk for the disease and the general population. By empowering individuals to take control of their gut health, miGut-Health hopes to make IBD preventable before it reaches the 'point of no return.'

miGut-Health Approach