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Community Involvement in miGut-Health

miGut-Health aims to improve the health and quality of life of people with IBD and of high-risk individuals by getting them involved in our research.

eHealth Apps

We are extending and employing novel eHealth technologies to enable people to get directly involved in their health and self-care. Three cutting-edge eHealth apps – MyIBDCoach, MyFoodRepo, and PRO-App – make it easy for people to monitor their diet, exercise, and mental health habits. With this information, we are developing personalised treatment measures for those affected by IBD that specifically address their healthcare needs.

Engagement Package

Based on individual health and diet-related behaviours in IBD patients and IBD high-risk individuals, miGut-health will offer a personalised health engagement package for people with IBD and high-risk individuals to improve citizens’ health and quality of life.

Online Survey

In miGut-Health, we will conduct an online survey on the sociodemographic characteristics, clinical status, lifestyle, and psychological factors of individuals affected by IBD. The survey will be distributed in the 7 project countries and translated into the respective languages. With a cross-cultural sample of 2,100 persons, we will develop various ‘Personas’ for each target group (i. e., people diagnosed with IBD, individuals at high risk of developing IBD, and the general population). This information will feed into the tailored miGut-Health Engagement Packages.


We will offer virtual training sessions that support healthcare professionals in providing better IBD care. By organising and realising a series of interactive webinars, we will sensitise the general population and healthcare professionals about the value of health engagement in health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management.