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Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

The Institute for Digestive Research and Department of Gastroenterology at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) is a leading research team in the field of microbiome, inflammatory, and malignant gastrointestinal (GI) disease research in the Baltic countries. We participate in top-level international and national research projects and consortia, focusing on molecular profiling of premalignant and malignant GI diseases, as well as gut microbiome research. Our translational research covers chronic inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal cancers, utilising next-generation sequencing (exome, metagenome, smallRNAseq, RNAseq, 16S rRNA, etc.), cell sorting, bioinformatics, functional studies, in cell lines, intestinal organoids, and more. Additionally, we have a large biobank of various biological gastrointestinal specimens.

Role within miGut-Health

Within the miGut-Health project, LSMU will be involved in WP3 aiming to exploit the impact of microbiome-derived diet-associated metabolites on gut inflammation reversion and restoration of barrier integrity and function using an innovative co-culture system of primary human intestinal organoids and sorted immune cell subsets. Moreover, LSMU researchers will contribute to the WP aiming to identify actionable biomarkers, risk and health-promoting factors linked to IBD, as well as to the development of a patient-centered approach for personalised health and self-care engagement targeted at IBD. LSMU will be co-coordinating the project together with UKSH.

Main contacts

Photo of Jurgita Skieceviciene

Jurgita Skieceviciene
Co-coordinator, Professor with expertise in intestinal organoids, personalized medicine, and biomarker research

Photo of Juozas Kupcinskas

Juozas Kupcinskas
Professor, Gastroenterologist with expertise in microbiome and biomarker research

Photo of Ruta Inciuraite

Ruta Inciuraite
Researcher with expertise in intestinal organoids, microbiome and epithelial cell interaction

Photo of Indre Aleknaviciene

Indre Aleknaviciene
Researcher with expertise in nutrition, intestinal organoids, metabolite analysis

Photo of Gediminas Kiudelis

Gediminas Kiudelis
Professor, Gastroenterologist with expertise in IBD epidemiological research