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Region H – Hvidovre Hospital (Gastrounit), Region Hovedstaden

As one of the many entities within the Region Hovedstaden, the Gastrounit at Hvidovre Hospital is the largest gastroenterology department in Denmark. Within the department, the Copenhagen Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Children, Adolescents and Adults (CPH-IBD) focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of care of >4,000 IBD patients. CPH-IBD's research focuses on investigating the occurrence, disease course and prognosis of patients with IBD by studying inception cohorts of unselected patients. The Center also offers educational programs for healthcare professionals and patients and collaborates with national and international organisations to advance the field of IBD research and treatment. Furthermore, CPH-IBD acts as a referral center for complicated IBD patients in the Faroe Islands and works together closely with researchers in the Faroe Islands to study the underlying reasons for the world's highest incidence of IBD.

Role within miGut-Health

Hvidovre Hospital and CPH-IBD will participate in the miGut-Health project by collecting biological samples from patients within the nationwide Faorese IBD cohort in order to study the underlying reasons for the high incidence of IBD in the Faroe Islands. This work will take place within work package 1.

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