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Creating a Personalised Blueprint of Intestinal Health: New miGut-Health Project Video Out Now

Millions across Europe are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), encompassing Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. As diagnosed cases rise, the need for personalised solutions to manage and improve the lives of individuals with IBD becomes increasingly critical.

The EU-funded miGut-Health project tackles this challenge head-on through the development of innovative data-driven approaches, personalised preventive interventions (such as nutritional changes), and novel eHealth solutions.

Now, the project has released a brand-new video to raise awareness for IBD. To that end, the clip delves into the experiences of people with IBD by highlighting disease symptoms and individuals’ common daily experiences. The video also showcases the innovative miGut-Health approach that aims to improve the lives of people with IBD.

The short clip follows the journey of Niomi seeing her grow from a child to a young woman affected by IBD to highlight the crucial aspect of preventing the health-to-disease transition – one of the main focus points of the miGut-Health project. By transmitting the video messages in an easy-to-understand animated format, the complex scientific information is accessible to the wider public as well as interested fellow researchers.

Delve into the project by watching the video on the miGut-Health homepage and YouTube.